Behaviour Editing Toolkit for SpringRTS


BtUtils.Debug Sub-library of BtUtils containing useful tools and functions for debugging purposes.
BtUtils The main entry point of the library, through which one can access anything else.


async Provides the capability to write sequential code that works asynchronously.
UnitCategories This part of BtUtils is supposed to take care of unit categories definitions.
clone Function for creating a shallow-copy of a table.
copyTable Function for creating a deep-copy of a table.
dump Function for outputting the contents of a table.
getWidgetCaller Function capable of inspecting the call chain and find the closest widget.
Logger Allows user-configurable logging.
rawTable Function that produces a view of a table that disregards __index metamethod.
_UtilsEnvironment Provides rawTable view to the environment of BtUtils.
Dependency Provides mechanisms to resolve dependencies and defer actions until specified dependencies are fulfilled.
Dialog Module in charge of general purpose GUI dialogs.
directoryListing Functions to list the content of a directory in VFS.
metaIteration .
program Runs a file in an environment, in which a polyfill for the standard require function exists.
ProjectDialog Module in charge of new/load/save GUI dialogs.
ProjectManager Provides methods that allow to create and otherwise work with BETS projects.
removeExtension Function to remove an extension from a filename.
Timer Allows scheduling of functions to be executed after an amount of time passes.


Vec3 Rudimentary 3D vector implementation with some 2D functionality.
BehaviourTree Representation of behaviour trees (or forests) with separated important and additional data.
CustomEnvironment Provides the capability of constructing a custom environment separated from the widget infrastructure.
FileTable Table that is synchronized with a specific file.
Promise Object that encapsulates a value or an outlook of there might possibly be a value.
Sanitizer Provides methods that can sanitize function for a particular widget.
Sentry Allows the table to contain events at which others can register their handlers.
Surrogate Provides capability to construct an object that acts as another, even when the other object doesn't exist yet.
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